TransUnion Introduces a Powerful New FICO® Score for the Canadian Market

TransUnion Introduces a Powerful New FICO® Score for the Canadian Market

FICO® Score 10 based on TransUnion data is engineered to outperform prior FICO® Scores in Canada

Today, TransUnion Canada announced it has added the newest FICO® Score service in Canada to its product lineup. Leveraging TransUnion’s rich repository of consumer credit information, along with FICO’s 30-years of scoring innovation, FICO® Score 10 is engineered to outperform prior FICO® Scores in Canada.

Building off the innovations and enhancements made in previous releases, FICO® Score 10 was developed to inform an even higher level of consumer credit risk prediction. While FICO® Score 10 reflects important advancements from earlier versions, including characteristics not previously used from the traditional TransUnion credit bureau data, the design remains consistent with a scoring scale similar to prior versions, which allows for ease of adoption.

FICO® Score 10 is based on TransUnion’s comprehensive credit history database, and adds to the company’s robust product suite, enabling customers to make informed business decisions and supporting consumer access to financial opportunities. 

“We’re pleased to add FICO Score 10 based on TransUnion data to our product offering. This new score is another example of the breadth and depth of the solutions TransUnion delivers to support our customers in Canada. We remain focused on enhancing financial inclusion, delivering powerful insights to our clients and enabling them to achieve superior business returns in the market,” said Brett Mooney, Regional President of Canada. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with FICO to provide industry leading risk analytics solutions in Canada.”
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